NEW ZEALAND- Camping Sites Near Epic Hikes!

If you are an avid tramper, read on- this post is for you! 

Last fall while my mates and I cruised the south island with Off Track Rentals, we discovered a few really great camping sites near some incredible tramping tracks that I would totally recommend checking out!

Klondyke Corner Campsite for Avalanche Peak Track

This campsite and trek were both one of our favorites! Only about 10 minutes or so from the Avalanche Peak Track in Arthur's Pass National Park, Klondyke Corner Campsite is very remote and exceptionally scenic! Avalanche Peak Track is epic! If your going  to this area you must do it! Plan for a full day adventure for this one. It's a steep trek up but so worth it. The hike was probably the highlight of our entire 3 week adventure!

White Horse Hill Campsite for Hooker Valley Track

Okay, so the campsite is not very epic or remote. You will be pretty close quarters to other fellow campers for sure. However, The wonderful thing about the White Horse Hill Campsite is that its right at the foot of the Hooker Valley Track in Mt. Cook National Park. This means you can literally roll out of your sleeping bag, climb down the latter and jump on one of the most scenic tracks throughout the south island (that we experienced anyway). This track is so amazing but extraordinarily popular- so getting an early start is key to enjoying the scenery in solitude. The White Horse Hill site also has a really nice indoor cooking facility which really came in handy the night we camped there as a crazy storm rolled in and cooking outdoors would have been slightly impossible!

Albert Town Campground for Roy's Peak Track

This was a last minute find for us as we really wanted to hike up to Roy's Peak for our last day in New Zealand but needed to get an early start on it! Only about 10 minutes away from the Roy's Peak Track, Albert Town Campground not only was conveniently close, but it was beautiful! Right along the river, we couldn't have scored a more peaceful place to end our camping with Off Track Rentals