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Meet Mal

Mallory Roe is an Kauai based, adventure landscape photographer. Born and raised in rural northwest Ohio, Mal's curiosity for new scenery has encouraged her to spend a lot of time traveling.

Two years after graduating with a Fine Art Photography degree from Northern Kentucky University, she relocated to the gorgeous island of Kauai and launched a career in adventure photography.

In the years since, Mallory has become an award-winning and an internationally published outdoor photographer. She creates imagery for outdoor brands and publications worldwide.

You'll most likely (try to) find Mal in the ocean, running through the jungle, or high on a peak, often barefoot, with a camera in her hand

Some of Mal’s coolest recognitions include:

PDN Magazine’s: The Great Outdoors Photography Competition 2015,

Outside Magazine’s Exposure 2015: “The Best Adventure Photography”

Hawaii Magazine’s 17th & 18th annual Photo Contests,

Northern Kentucky University’s “Great Photographic Achievers” archive.


Passion & Gear

Learn the lenses, cameras, tripods and other accessories and equipment Mallory finds essential while in the field. 

Cameras & Lenses

***Sony, Canon, or crop sensor Nikon DSLR camera users can find compatible recommendations HERE

Tripod Legs & Heads


Field Packs & Travel Gear

Field Accessories

Camera Lens & Sensor Cleaning Essential

Field Gear & Foods for Overnight/Extended Photo Adventures


**Buying the Gear that Mal uses and highly recommends from the links above is one very easy way to support her photography. She is happy to answer any questions you may have about her experience using these products! Just fill out the form below and she'll get back to you.

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