First year in never never land

a year and a half ago i came here, to kauai for a week with my friend. it was my first time ever visiting this incredible island and i fell in love. the second day here,  i promised my friend that someday i'd make it my home. well, fate has a funny way of showing up because a couple days later we were jumping off a waterfall when a fella with a bunch of camera gear, some models and people showed up. i was curious. i asked him what he was doing and he explained that he was teaching a photo workshop.  well, that sounded like the coolest job ever so i asked him to hire me. he laughed, then realized i was serious so we exchanged contacts before i left. six months later i got a message from the photographer my friend and i had met that day in kauai. he is now my boss. i am already one year in, living here on the island of kauai. this is my 'day in the life' series.