n.The restoration and upgrading of deteriorated urban property by middle-class or affluent people, often resulting in displacement of lower-income people.

Over the Rhine, an urban neighborhood in the heart of Cincinnati, has been home to many of the low-income residents of the city for decades. However, in recent years, city council and developers have partnered together to restore this district for a new-marketed population. 3CDC, Urban Properties and other property managements have been buying out building after building of low income housing apartments, renovating them into beautiful condo's and marketing them for the high income population to begin buying out.

By doing this, thousands of people have lost their homes and are now sleeping on the streets or fighting each night for a bed at the city's overcrowded homeless shelter.

I realize that these building renovations are making the district look much nicer and I realize that by renovating, it’s also making the district a more profitable area because it's bringing the middle and high income populations into the area. My concern is the fact  that pride and profitability have become more important than people. My question is: why is city council concerned about the way the district looks, and how much money the district makes but they are not concerned at all about the well-being of the people who have been residents of this community for several years -decades even.  I don't think it's very fair that city council allows for these property managements to continue shoving longtime Over the Rhine residents onto the streets.  I really think there is a better solution.

As complicated as you can make this issue under political circumstances, I've made this series of photographs very simple based off of ethical circumstances.

These are the faces of those who have been gentrified.